The Rossington Timeline, provided by Rossington History Group. With gratitude to them, and to their members for allowing this to be included on the website.  The Group disbanded in 2016 and passed their remit to the website and Keith Scott’s Facebook page.  John Adam of the Group advises that the spelling below of Streatfeild is correct and was later misspelt.


Paleolithic era 8000+ BC               Earliest evidence of human presence, a flint hand axe dating from this time found in 1942.


Bronze Age 2000 BC                      Large Bronze Age beaker found in 1948.


Iron Age 700 BC                            Crop Marks and field system evidence, with artifacts found.


Roman Age 50 – 450 AD                Roman Fort and Potteries established at Rossington Bridge.


Anglo Saxon 500 – 1066                 Lord of the Manor – Tostig Godwin – brother of King Harold.


Norman 1066 – 1475                     Peter de Mauley built a Manor House at Draw Dykes (adjacent to Atterby Drive).  Original church (St Michaels) built in this period.


Middle Ages 1505                          Ownership of Rossington Manor given to Doncaster Corporation by King Henry VII.


1652                                                A free school was established.


1772                                                James Stovin rented land and built Shooter’s Hill – the original Rossington Hall


1786                                                 A new Manor house built by Doncaster Corporation adjacent to the Church.


1787                                                 The De Mauley Manor House demolished.


1838                                                  Doncaster Corporation sold Rossington Estate to James Brown who became the Squire.


1849                                                  The railway arrives.


1877                                                  R J Streatfeild inherits the estate.


1909 – 1911                                    Rossington Main Colliery Company leases approx. 60% of the estate from Squire Streatfeild.


1912                                                The first sod of earth cut, starting the sinking of the pit shafts.


1913                                                 The coal seams reached half a mile below ground.


1915                                                 Co-operative Shops in King Avenue built.


1916                                                 St Luke’s Church completed and opened.


1916                                                The first coal brought to the surface on July 17th.


1925                                               The colliery village completed.  Named New Rossington.


1938                                               After the deaths of the Streatfeild family the estate was sold off in 143 lots.


1939                                              A religious order, the White Fathers, buy Rossington Hall.

White Fathers at Rossington Hall

Newspaper cutting showing details of the White Fathers' purchase from Doncaster

Newspaper cutting showing details of the White Fathers’ purchase from Doncaster


















1939 – 1945                                World War 2.  The Hall and estate used by the Royal                                                           Army Veterinary Corps to train horses and mules for                                                             warfare.

1948                                            The Hall purchased by Doncaster Corporation.


1953                                           Doncaster Corporation open a special school in the Hall.


1969                                          The Coalite plant opens.


1976                                         The Coalite plant closes


1984                                         The year-long national miners’ strike begins.


1993                                        The Government closes the colliery.


1994                                         The colliery leased and then purchased by RJB Mining (UK Coal)


2006                                        The colliery finally closes for good.


2008                                        Rossington Hall school closed and the Hall and the remaining part of the estate put up for sale.


2011                                        Doncaster Council announces the closure of the Library.


2012                                        Extraction of coal from the pit tip commences with the creation of a country park being the aim.


2016                                       The new link road opens along with the construction of a huge “inland port” that is claimed to provide thousands of new jobs.