David Loomes was a member of the Rossington Writers’ Group until it disbanded in 2016 and he has written a selection of poems about his memories which will chime with others who were children in the 40s and 50s or earlier.  There are 6 altogether here and the one about Elsie Morgan he thinks should be given a Welsh accent when reading or saying it out loud.  Whilst that one is about Wales, there are those in Rossington who moved from the coal valleys to the village as children.

You’ll need to click on the titles below to open them.

Harvest Loaf

Coronation Days 2

The Thing in Jim’s Pocket

Dead End

The Coalman and the Chimney Sweep

Elsie Morgan 2

The Writers’ Group met regularly at the Community Hall (formerly the Memorial Hall) to share their creative work and disbanded in March 2016.  We hope a new group can be raised to continue to legacy of written work in Rossington.


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