The Rossington Writers’ Group was in existence since 1989 until they have disbanded in 2016 and they met regularly to share their writing.  They were not actively seeking new members as their current number allowed them to keep to a time booking with each member reading their ‘homework’.  In the early days, they had some sessions with the Open College at Barnsley to assist with their writing.  Later they have shared their experiences and were able to stand alone.  Most of the members were long-term and some have won prizes for their writing.

We have already published some poems from David Loomes which is in a separate item,  and we offer below some prose pieces from Mrs Sheila Garnett who is one of the longer serving members of the Group.  Sheila has lived in The Circle for most of her life after marrying and recalls the early days when the houses in the village were still being built to offer accommodation for Rossington miners and their families.   Her husband did not work at the pit, but was based in Doncaster in the early days of collieries in the Doncaster area, and therefore was entitled to a house as part of the colliery allocation.

Her pieces include one about May Day as she remembers it, as well as about the early days in Rossington.  Another piece is a fictional one which features a cat who was displaced when the mine closed.


We are grateful to Mrs Garnett and Mr Loomes for allowing us to share their work with you, and hope other past members of the group will also add to the store in due course.


Click on the links to open the pieces.

Writers Group – Mining the Past – Sheila Garnett

Writers Group -May Day – Sheila Garnett

Writers Group – Changing Times – Sheila Garnett

Writers Group – Rossington – Sheila Garnett





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