FARRS plan and the Great Yorkshire Way

For all the time in living memory, there has only been one route out of Rossington by road, and that led to Stripe Road, and onwards to Doncaster or Bawtry via the way once known as the Great North Road, and then Bawtry Road, if travelling to Parrots Corner, or down Littleworth Lane.  A walking route was possible down Grange Lane onwards to Wadworth, past the spoil heap from the pit, known locally as the Pit Tip.

At last an alternative way to leave Rossington at the west end of the village has been opened.  Because of the loss of the pit, and the demolition of all of the buildings that were part of it, areas for housing and commercial use have been opened up.  A winding road now extends West End Lane to the housing and then moves onward to meet The Great Yorkshire Way which moves onwards towards Doncaster, and links the M18 with the airport at Finningley.  It means a much quicker journey to and from Doncaster, not needing to use Bawtry Road at all.  Those living at the east end of the village can also join it at the intersection that is next to the Park and Ride site where a Roman fort was excavated.  This end of the Way leads on to Bawtry Road for the onward journey towards Bawtry, passing the end of Littleworth Lane.  It allows an elevated view of the area that is back of the village – the allotments and the sites for companies that are located down Bankwood Lane.

When joining the Way to go to town, a bus service takes workers to the commercial part of the redevelopment where huge industrial units for companies like Amazon, Fellowes and CEVA are taking advantage of the quick route to the M18 and onwards to the A1 and M1 for their businesses, and for receiving supplies.  In due course, more companies will join the site and excavation and land clearance continues off West End Lane and around the area on Wadworth Lane to give access to more housing and eventually a country park area where once the pit tip stood.