Albert was a villager who contributed to the free newspaper – Village Life – that was published regularly.  He wrote under the pseudonym of Marshal Bronte.  He moved out of the village to Sheffield and his niece has a collection of his work.  Some samples of his work are below and we will gradually add to them.  There’s one about the market, with all of things that longer-in-the-tooth villagers will remember were there on Tuesdays and/or Fridays.   Sadly, his family were unable to find a photo of Albert, but his words will help to show more about him.

Times Change

The day war came I was just six years old, going on seven

And I firmly believed that there was a God in Heaven

Rossington was only small then, but just about every kid went to church

And if you were naughty or did something very wrong, you got the cane or the birch

Children were taught manners and to know right from wrong

Teachers were disciplinarians and in that department they were very strong

Parents too, kept you on the straight and narrow

Obedience was a word you followed to the marrow

The people or Rossington were so kind and caring

The community spirit was always one of sharing

Through the long dark days of war, everyone was your friend

And together you hoped and prayed for the war to end

Most of your fathers worked down the coalmine

Whilst our big brothers were away fighting on the front line

Some of our mothers worked on a munitions factory, others on the land

Everyone was doing their bit with a big helping hand

Food and everything else was on ration

And the clothes you wore never went out of fashion

Bombs fell locally but we had a lot to be thankful for

But places quite near, like Sheffield, suffered the horrors of war

Rossington provided a home for evacuees and the Bevin Boys

And the Hippodrome provided us kids on a Saturday morning, the cowboys

The main entertainment was got by listening to the wireless

Defending Rossington was done by the Home Guard and ARP Wardens who worked away tireless

The St John Ambulance, the Home Nursing and WVS at the ready

The community spirit of Rossington remained at all times steady

During the hours of blackout you were quite safe to go out

In them days you didn’t get confronted by some savage lout

And you were quite safe to leave your door off the lock

And all the nice pretty girls always wore a frock

Not like today when all girls and boys look very much alike

And you always saw your village bobby every day on his bike

But alas, times change and this is now 1995

People have changed, today they lack the initiative to contrive

So let’s hope the effort of the Rossington Community Festival prove to be a guide

As so much needs to be done to keep today’s kids fully occupied

And the community spirit needs to be fully 100 per cent

Then, and only then, will the time, effort and money, will be deemed well spent.



 I bought a shirt on Rossington market

Because there’s no need to order by mail,

But I’d like to meet the one who did mark it

Because I’ve got Joyce on my tail.


It’s not army or navy, I think it must be RAF.

It’s thick and warm and it’s not be worn

But to have Joyce on my tail, it’s got to be a laugh.

I’ve washed and ironed it: I’ll wear it tomorrow morn.


On Rossington market, there’s such fascinating things.

There’s carpets, potatoes and fancy reels of cotton

And in the olden days, was visited by queens and kings.

No royal coaches today, though, only a common old bike with Dot on.


There’s cabbages, pickles, pictures and frames,

Cards, toys, sweets and all things to wear

And you know nearly everyone by their names

Because they’re there, week in, week out, year after year.


People come from miles away to buy coloured toilet rolls,

Books, cheese and eggs, and pots and pans

Shoes, materials and stuff to mend holes

Then tea and bacon and tomato butties in one of the caravans.


So take some time off and have a look on every stall.

They’re there in all weathers, rain snow and hail.

You’ll gaze in wonder and be mesmerised by it all

Like I was with my shirt, and Joyce on my tail.


Love is such a nice four letter word,

Please don’t keep it to yourself

Let the whole world hear it

By Marshal Bronte


Hello my darling said Charlie Drake

Hello love I said, ever ready to partake

In a kind word or two, it’s nice to be polite

And I consider it quite proper and right


People deserve to be treated as human beings

And not as computers, confound them stupid things

Whether it be in a shop or on the telephone

The world’s much nicer with a compliment.


Share a Prayer

You don’t have to be in a church to say a prayer

God will listen to you anytime and anywhere

So can I share a prayer with you please, express what I feel

For it could mean such a great deal


Someone whose burdens are hard to bear

And to bring hope to those who are in despair

And for those who are felling low and depressive

To cheer them up, giving them the desire to live

Also for those who have now grown old

For hope is just as much precious as gold

Do you know someone who needs love and care

Someone with whom to share a prayer

Please dear god, help me do what is right

And guide me please to those in plight

Especially for someone who is all alone

Someone ill maybe and on their own

Those who suffer and those in fear

For whenever I’ve needed you, you’ve always been here

The love you’ve given me I want to share and pass on

To be able to give that love to the woebegone

And to make that someone happy and see them smile

And be able to keep them company for a while

To give them companionship and true affection

Helping them to feel safe and secure by loving protection

You will please our great heavenly father up above

By giving that someone your very precious love

So let us all show that we really do care

And kneel with someone and share a prayer


In a little part of Rossington

There will always be

A little part of Rossington

That belongs to me

A very little part

I keep close to my heart

A part that’s mine really

A part I love so dearly

The house I was born in so many years ago

Where time stood still, but love used to grow

In a little part of Rossington

I loved so very much

But now sadly can’t touch

A very little part

I keep close to my heart

Such happy times, such happy days

I stand at a distance and fondly gaze

And I reminisce a while

And try to smile

At a little part of Rossington

Just a little part

That’s forever in my heart

I wipe away a tear

For I love that house so dear

But time has moved on, I must be brave

I too must move on and must not crave

After all, it’s only a little part

And it’s still mine in my heart

In a little part of Rossington


The Man in Red

Christmas is a-coming and it won’t be long

Christmas is coming when it’s time for a song

Christmas is coming when it’s time to rejoice

Christmas is coming I hear its joyful voice


My song begins on Christmas Eve

Children wondering what gifts they’ll receive

They’ve all heard about the man in red

Now it’s the hour for them to go to bed


Laughter can be heard coming from next door

The children wondering what’s in store

Lying there excited in their bed

Eagerly awaiting for the man in red


By now the children should be safely asleep

Mums been upstairs to have a peep

Dad winks his eye and nods his head

Mum plumps a cushion and rests her head


The children are silently saying their prayers

Too excited to sleep, they hear footsteps on the stairs

Then suddenly the bedroom door opens wide

And the man in red steps quietly inside


The children hold their breath because

Ooh, the man in red is Santa Claus

He leaves lots of presents, books and toys

For all the little girls and little boys


Christmas is coming it’s great to be living

Christmas is coming it’s great to be giving

Christmas is coming to celebrate Christ’s birth

Christmas is coming let there be peace on earth


Spare A Thought

Christmas is a time of giving

Try to make someone’s life worth living

Spare a thought this Christmas for the lonely

And make someone’s Christmas extra homely

Be it with a card or with a smile

Stay and keep them company a while

And especially for people living on their own

Like Tom, Dick, Harry and Joan

Just to know that somewhere, someone cares

For the lonely and those getting on in years

You don’t have to give them Brandy, Whisky or Gin

Just a touch of the community spirit within

That’s all they would ask for, nothing more

So carry some of that spirit to their door

Merry Christmas Tom, Merry Christmas Dick

Pop along and see them, it won’t take a tick

Merry Christmas Harry, Merry Christmas Joan

We’ve come to see you so you won’t be alone.


The Colour of Loneliness is Blue

Dear God, loneliness is not something we plan for

None of us knows really what lies in store

We plan for many things but never for that

Oh how I wish someone would drop in for a chat

But who do I know apart from you

The colour of loneliness is blue


When we are young, we don’t have a care

But when we grow old it’s just not fair

Nobody seems to want to know you

Except for a few, well, one or two

And who do I know apart from you

The colour of loneliness is blue


And then you only see them once in a while

And those you do see haven’t the time to give you a smile

The colours of friendship never seem to run true

And the only colour I ever see now is blue

So who do I know apart from you

The colour of loneliness is blue


Dear God, what kind of day have you had

Not like mine I bet, I’ve been so sad

Each morning I get up, I think it’s my last

And it doesn’t help when you see the postman go past

Yet who do I know apart from you

The colour of loneliness is blue


The Spirit of Christmas

Winter chills, coughs and Flus

Christmas spirits and bags of booze

Stockings hung up, presents under the tree

A merry Christmas to you from me


Christmas dinner, turkey and trimming

Hark the herald angels singing

Pulling crackers, eating pudd

Aren’t these mottoes jolly good


Drinking wine, port and sherry

Each and everyone, all very merry

Here’s Santa Claus, what do you know?

Guess who’s had a kiss under the mistletoe


Opening presents big and small

My isn’t that Christmas tree big and tall

Is it fir or is it spruce

And what was that we had for dinner, turkey or goose


Wearing the hat from out of a cracker

Nipping under the mistletoe again for another smacker

Drinking brandy, whisky and rum

Oh I am glad Christmas has come


Little Tiny’s Last Ride

As I was driving home one wintery foggy night

I had an uneasy feeling, one almost of fright

I hadn’t seen any headlights coming towards me or from the rear

Something had happened, I had that feeling, that fear

I passed a house that stood by the roadside with one light still burning

That was the only house I’d seen for miles, my heart was churning

I must have driven three miles passed that house when I heard a sound

My heart beat faster, it began to pound

The sound got louder, I stopped my car, was someone trying to warn

I got out and listened, it was the sound of another car’s horn

It was coming from the field at the side of the road

It was eerie, thoughts ran through my mind, was I being followed

It went strangely quiet, I looked around

I carried on walking towards where I’d heard the sound

A black shape suddenly loomed up before me out of the fog

Then I heard another sound, the bark of a dog

Now I could see it, a car was laid on its side

I tried to open the door, it was jammed, in vain I tried

The little dog inside was pressing the horn with its paw

The driver was motionless with his head against the door

The little dog barked and looked at me as if seeming to say

Please help my master, please let him be ok

The little dog and me, thankfully were able to commune

He wagged his little tail, I told him I’d be back soon

I turned my car around and drove back up the road to the house I’d seen

Hoping they’d have a phone to get an ambulance and other help quickly to the scene

There was no lights on as I walked up the path and knocked on the door

I hoped and prayed they would answer and not just ignore

But a light appeared as a window opened upstairs

God had been kind and answered my prayers

They phoned for the emergency services and help was soon on its way

They freed the man from his car, but he lived only long enough to say

Please take care of my little dog Tiny, he begged of me, I said I would

He touched my hand, I knew he’d understood

Tiny licked his master’s face before they carried him away

I kept my promise, I looked after him well and he loved a ball with which to play

The years passed by and little Tiny was growing old

He was such a faithful little dog and always did as he was told

He loved to come with me everywhere for a ride in my car

He never left my side, even when my journeys were far

Then one night on our way home, he gave a gentle bark

He looked at me and then at the door, I stopped, it wasn’t too dark

I let him out and he walked wearily into the adjacent field

His poor old aching legs through age, had not healed

I gave him a few minutes in the field, then called his name

He didn’t come, I thought, I know, he’s playing a little game

He wants me to find him, then he’ll give me his paw

But something told me the game was over, we’d play no more

I’d suddenly realised this was the field where Tiny’s master had died

I ran across the field, my heart was beating, I cried

It was foggy that night so long ago, but this time it was clear

Tiny, I cried, Tiny love, please come here

Then I saw him, the moon and stars were bright and shiny

They and all heaven shone on the body of little Tiny

When I got to him, he was on the exact spot where his master had died

He’d not forgotten his master, yet he’d been a faithful friend to me, I broke down and cried

I picked him up and carried him to the car, I would always remember him with pride

I took him home and buried him in the garden, it was little Tiny’s last ride


Please Smile For Gerry

If you see someone without a smile

Give them one of yours

It’s wonderful what a smile will do, it will even reconcile

Why not add one on to your list of daily chores


For to see someone without a smile

Could mean that theyre very sad

A smile could make them happy awhile

Now wouldn’t that make you feel glad


You don’t have to go far out of your way

Just by walking down your street

Please try and make someone’s day

And smile at the first person you meet


If everyone were to smile that little bit more

And every were happy and content

There would never be any need for war

Why not smile right now, you have my consent


Life’s far too short to grudge and frown

And you don’t kick a man when he’s down

Smile and ease away their worry

Please do it for me, please smile for Gerry


Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

In a world of selfishness and greed

Where its peoples have no concern for others

How can compassion ever positively succeed

Without the likes of the Martin Luthers


For the lonely and for those housebound

For them poor souls, no one has a moment to spare

They say they haven’t the time to pop around

It’s really that people today just don’t give a care


Just as long as they themselves are all right

It’s a case if never mind you Jack

They couldn’t care less about anyone’s plight

Whether it’s a broken heart or a broken back


Once upon a time people did really care

They went out of their way to be kind and please

But now people just stand and stare

And turn away and ignore your pleas


The world alas is sadly out of tune

The days have gone when people offered a helping hand

Its too much even for them to commune

Illness and loneliness is not something that’s planned


This Christmas let’s all unite as one big nation

And all come together as one

And give people who are less fortunate our consideration

Don’t wait till it’s too late and they’ve gone


Bye Bye Ruby Murray Love, Thank You And God Bless

The fabulous fifties, a time free from worry

With fabulous singers including one Ruby Murray

She immediately entered all of our hearts

And eventually entered all the pop charts

There were Happy Days and Lonely Nights

But not lonely for long Ruby’s name was up in lights

For when Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Ruby was charmingy beguiling

And everyone was having a fabulous ball

Let me go lover, and, I’ll Come When You Call

Never The Less I’m In Love With You, you made my Heartbeat

You were my real love, you looked a real treat

Now many year have passed away, and still I’ve loved you Evermore

But we’re not to know, are we, just what lies in store

For God our gracious father Softly Softly came

And printed on his golden scroll, was Ruby Murray’s name

Now Ruby’s entered heaven by the stairway of gold

Goodbye Ruby goodbye, Sweetheart We’ll Never Grow Old

While someone still remembers you, you will never die, I profess

So bye bye Ruby Murray love, thank you and God bless


Who Will Care For The Lonely

Who will care for the lonely when Christmas is here

Who will send them a card or offer them cheer

Who will go and visit them even once or twice

And be a caring friend sincere, true and nice


Lonely people at this time of year are very vulnerable

With being on their own, so lonely and utterly miserable

And there’s no pills available to cure loneliness

So they’ll really appreciate your thoughtfulness


Like a smile and a kind word of “How do you do?”

And “a happy Christmas and a happy new year too”

And “Don’t be on your own this Christmas, you’re welcome to pop round”

So don’t be lonely now will you, don’t got to ground


A visit as well would show how you really care

They’ll really appreciate someone with an hour to spare

As they rarely see a soul from one day to the next

It would be just like something from out of the Lords text


So this Christmas, please do some lonely person a favour

Just a few moments company could prove to be a real life saver

And if you have a little present to give them, as well no matter how small

A very Happy Christmas will be had by one and all


Just Like Ken Dodd

A hello and a cheerful smile

Will go many a mile

To make someone’s day

Much better and ok

Smile at people you know

Smile at people you don’t know

Soon they’ll smile at you

And the world won’t seem as blue

A smile and a cheery word

Will soon be seen and heard

Smile to banish away the blues

Add a cheery word to amuse

Smile and let the whole world know

You are happy and not feeling low

And if it catches on, and I hope it does

Think of the thrill it will give you, and the buzz

So why not spread your kind smile and cheery word

And another thought has just occurred

What about a hearty laugh every once in a while

That really would be putting on this style

Laugh and the world laughs with you

Weep, and you weep alone, that’s true

And for those people who are lonely and on their tod

Who better to make them laugh than Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd is one of life’s truly greats of mirth

Ken Dodd is guaranteed to make you laugh, he’s the salt of the earth

So let’s all smile and laugh, let’s all give it the nod

And make people happy, just like Ken Dodd


A Helping Hand

Could you be one of life’s happy band

Assisting someone with a helping hand

Someone who is perhaps not well and lives alone

Or someone getting on in life and on their own


People form every walk of life suffer the blues

Be thankful to god you’re not in their shoes

Depression is not a very pleasant thing

Just think what a helping hand could bring


Stay with that person for a little while

Think of the satisfaction it would give you, to see that person smile

It’s surprising what a cheerful chat can do

Soon that person can face life again, it’s true


And people who live alone and never see a soul from one day to the next

Pop along to see them, I’m sure you can come up with some pretext

They’ll be over the moon to see you, I’m sure they will

It will do them a power of good, far better than any pill


And the old people who no longer have a friend

Very often find themselves at a loose end

And for someone to call to see them would be just grand

Someone who would care, someone with a helping hand.


Lonely people at this time of year are very vulnerable

With being on their own, so lonely and utterly miserable

And there’s no pills available to cure loneliness

So they’ll really appreciate your thoughtfulness


Like a smile and a kind word of “How do you do?”

And “a happy Christmas and a happy new year too”

And “Don’t be on your own this Christmas, you’re welcome to pop round”

So don’t be lonely now will you, don’t got to ground





























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