Among the photographs in our albums and on the page about Pit Documents is one of the men who sank the pit in 1912 onward.Having visited the Family Heritage Day at the Welfare in November 2015, whilst on holiday at her brother’s, Janis Cresswell recognPit sinkers for No 2 shaft in 1915 or 1916ised her grandfather and step-grandfather in that photo.  On the far right on the back row is Peter Wedd, her grandfather and her step-grandfather, George Hearn, is 2nd from the left on the front row.  Janis has supplied some of her family history and a series of photographs, with some below, and more to follow.
Janis’ grandmother’s family were amongst the first to settle in Rossington, and she was called Annie Clayton, and married Peter Wedd.  He is listed on the accounts below at number 11.  The numbers in the columns may refer to the hours the men workedDocument

  • When Annie and Peter were married, they lived in the original sinkers’ huts, but moved to 11 Edward Street and then to 8 Nelson Road.  Janis’ mother was Millicent Wedd, who married Leonard Harrison, and although Janis briefly went to school in Rossington, the family moved to Tickhill and she grew up there.Janis married Stephen Cresswell and they moved to Kent in the early 1970s before retirement, and they had a holiday home built in Barbados where they spend most of their time now.  They come back to England regularly to visit family and friends, and they use Janis’ brother’s home in Rossington as their base when here.Annie Wedd married George Hearn in later life after Peter Wedd died, and they lived in the Attlee Avenue bungalows.  Annie and Peter had a large family, including John, Peter junior, Millie (Janis’ mother), Doris, Nora, Rose, Violet and May.  May married Albert Dyson and they lived at 40 Oxford Street and another aunt, Fanny, married Wilf Burton and they lived in Foljambe Crescent.  Some of you may recall those families as the men were miners.  After marrying, most of Janis’ family moved away from Rossington, but Nora and Violet returned to Rossington in later life, where they ended their days.



Annie and Peter Wedd outside the sinkers' huts

Annie and Peter Wedd outside the sinkers’ huts


Annie and Peter Wedd in 1937

Annie and Peter Wedd in 1937


Annie and George Hearn on Grange Lane field



Annie and George Hearn

Annie and George Hearn, also on the left, at the rear of their home on Attlee Avenue










George Hearn lived on Attlee Avenue and he was the watchman when they were building Grange Lane school, as reported by his great-grandson, Bill Cooke.