Pithill farm 2015

Pithill farm 2015, Littleworth Lane


One of the website team has done a major piece of research around the sale of the Rossington Hall estate in 1838.

He has identified the lot numbers in the auction booklet, and what was for sale in each lot.  From the Census information, he has identified who were the tenants and service staff, if any, living in the property at the time and then identified if any of those listed in the Census have a headstone in the St Michaels churchyard.  Finally, he has identified whether the lot was sold again in the second sale of the land in 1938, and what it looked like then, and included a photograph of what it looks like now.

The list of assets in the 1838 sale, and this was Lot 133, identifying the current tenant, and below is the census information

List of assets in the 1838 sale


 First Name Last Name  Birth Year       Age Birth County    Gender Occupation
Elizabeth Innocent      1781         60   Yorkshire    Female     Farmer
George Innocent      1816         25   Yorkshire    Male  
Robert Innocent      1816         25    Male    Butcher
Ann Innocent      1821         20      Female  
Mary Capsticks      1821         20   Yorkshire    Female       FS
Thomas Hanson      1826         15   Yorkshire    Male      MS
William Hanson      1826         15      Male      MS
Thomas Hancock      1827         14    Yorkshire    Male      MS

FS and MS refer to female and male servants.


Pithill farm in 1938

Pithill farm in 1938, when it was sold again


The tenants at Pithill Farm

The tenants at Pithill Farm


One of the manservants at Pithill Farm

One of the manservants at Pithill Farm