Here’s a page for you to give your memories of life in Rossington from childhood to recently.

Reminiscences of Dorothy and Gerald Corfield, in conversation with John Adam and Keith Scott

Memories from Dorothy and Gerald Corfield, with John Adam from the History Group, and Keith Scott   Dorothy began by recalling that the shops opposite the Co-operative building on King Avenue and Fowler Crescent in the 1940s and 50s were: Shirbon’s shoe shop, Meadow Dairy, Cooke’s newsagents, Thrift grocery, the fish and chip shop which…


Draw Dykes

South Yorkshire by Rev. Joseph Hunter published 1828 ‘Rossington was selected by the Mauley’s, or rather their predecessors, from all their lands in this part of their domain, as a place for their own occasional residence. The name of ‘The Park’, by which a 1,000 acres of this parish are called, sufficiently indicates a place…