For about a year from spring 2014, Keith Scott has been posting photographs of Rossington and its people in his Facebook site – Old Rossington Photos. After 6 months or so, he expressed an ambition to take it further and agreed to work on a website to work alongside Facebook.

A Committee was formed with members as below, and a web developer worked with this group to create the website. All members are Rossington people. The Constitution of the group formed an aim to have a site that covers Rossington’s past, present and where possible, its future. The bulk of the material originally featured mainly the photos from Keith’s Facebook page, but not competing with it. The photos on Facebook usually sparked responses from those who had something to add, but then as new photos arose, the risk was that the responses were difficult to find again. By taking responses and forming a story, the plan is that there will be a lasting record for all villagers. The photos are being collected in one place to make it easier to find one you remember was posted.  In 2016, the local History Group closed, and gave the website team their assets, which included written articles, photos and maps.

Rossington’s history goes back to Bronze Age, through to Roman times and onwards, and then the population starts to expand in the 1800s. There have been monks and lords and ladies of the manor looking after the land, and ultimately harvesting the coal beneath, so from 1912 onwards, the village rapidly expanded, absorbing the hamlet of Littleworth along the way. From less than 500 people at the turn of the century, the population is over 13000 in 2015.

Whilst current events and recent history from the early 1900s are relatively easy to capture, the group is also researching further back, and speaking to the older community who either arrived in Rossington after the pit sinking in 1912 or were born here when their fathers were the first workers. These people offer great insight to the days when the houses were being built, the churches established and pubs and clubs and cinema opened. Those of you doing family history will know the value of your grandparents’ stories. We hope that if you have them, you will share them with the community and add to the richness of information on this site.

It is also planned to ask local schools, churches, associations, societies, clubs and groups to link into the site, so we have an ‘all in one place’ view of village life. In future years, our children and grandchildren will be able to view what has been accumulated, either out of their own interest, or for history projects they are researching.   We hope to extend the added benefit of Keith’s site which has been to link relatives and friends who have left Rossington, or simply have lost touch and record those links in some ways.

The group meets once a fortnight and, gradually over the months, we have established the content and the vision for the site. Others have helped along the way, and gratitude is offered to them for their contributions. We now look to you as the people viewing the pages to help us grow the website and make it the best community treasure chest we can. If you are not good at writing, we can take notes from you or make a recording, so please contact us. Your details will be needed on the contact page if you get in touch that way, but will not be given to any other organisation, and of course, you can use Facebook to talk to us.

There is still work to be done on the site, and we are looking forward to hearing from you about what you would want to see here. We have had a small grant from Recycoal to help with starting up the site, but we hope to bid for Lottery money as this is a heritage site that will be there long after the group has gone to some other pasture!

Who are we?

Rossington Village Life has a Committee and members include:

Elaine Spencer – Chair
Robert Geddes – Secretary
Graham Sullivan – Treasurer

Nathan Langer – Web Developer

John Cowie = Committee Member

Other people who have helped along the way:
James Ashford – Designer
Matthew Langer – Web Development
John Bailey – Web Development

Keith Scott, Originally vice chair, and contributor of material

Paul Robson – Committee Member

Norma Wyllie – Committee Member